Ancient Japanese Superfood: UMEBOSHI

How to Enjoy

    - Enjoy by itself after a workout
    - Mince and add to yakiniku sauce
    - Mince and add to dressings
    - As a topping for tofu
    - Use as part of the seasoning for your
    - As an addition to hot noodles
      (udon/ soba)

Nutritions & Health Benefits
- Citric Acid:
 Aids in neutralizing fatigue, has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, can help to regenerate
 skin tissue, and conceal and slow signs of aging.

- Dietary Fiber:
 Aids in cleansing intestinal tract and promoting healthy intestinal function and beautiful skin.
 Helps to detoxify.

- Minerals:
 Assist in elimination of waste products, promote muscle function, secretion of digestive juices, help to
 regulate pH balance of body fluids.

- Pyruvic Acid:
 Helps to strengthen liver function.
- Polyphenols & Vitamin E:
 Antioxidant properties (via secretion of saliva).
- Amylase:
 Promotes production of this enzyme which aids in starch digestion.
- Catalase:
 Promotes secretion of this enzyme which when heated helps to suppress toxic effects of oxygen free radicals
 which are said to contribute to cancer, heart disease and aging.

- Mumefural:
 Can prevent buildup of blood cholesterol, improve circulation, prevent clots and arteriosclerosis
 and other symptoms brought on by daily stress and environmental factors.
 Also helps to prevent signs of aging.