Ancient Japanese Superfood: TSUKEMONO

How to Enjoy

    - As a side dish with your favorite meat dishes.
    - A unique addition to party trays
    - As a topping for salads
    - Instead of western pickles
    - Mix with natto
    - As a topping for tofu
    - With tacos
    - With fried rice

Nutritions & Health Benefits

- Dietary Fiber:

 Aids in cleansing intestinal tract and promoting healthy intestinal function and beautiful skin.
 Helps to detoxify.

- Vitamin C:
 Prevents scurvy, said to enhance effects of collagen and white blood cells.
- Vitamin A:
 Promotes growth and healthy skin.
- Vitamin B:
 Vitamin B complex promotes healthy metabolic function and aids in recovery from fatigue.
- Minerals:
 Assist in elimination of waste products, promote muscle function, secretion of digestive juices,
 help to regulate pH balance of body fluids.