Ancient Japanese Superfood: NATTO

How to Enjoy

    - Great for you anytime, but to fully reap the
      health benefits, eat in the evening.
    - With minced scallion for fresh taste.
    - Mix with dressing and add on top of salads
    - With sushi rice, ramen, soba, pasta.
    - With omelets.

Nutritions & Health Benefits

- Vitamin B Complex:

 Helps build healthy skin and hair, eliminate body fatigue and aid in eye fatigue recovery.
- Nattokinase:
 Helps prevent blood clots and promotes good circulation
 May protect against heart attacks and strokes and help build immunity.

- Polyamine:
 Aids in regulating metabolism and age prevention;
 Protects against skin discoloration and dark spots, freckles and dull looking skin.

- Natto lecithin:
 Helps smooth and beautify rough skin and protects against break-outs and discoloration.
- Dietary fiber:
 Aids in cleansing intestinal tract and promoting healthy intestinal function and beautiful skin.
- Isoflavones:
 Support healthy female hormonal balance, aid in prevention of osteoporosis, breast cancer, menopausal
 symptoms and bone disorders and is associated with preventing arteriosclerosis.

- Calcium:
 Associated with strengthening teeth and bones (provides protections against osteoporosis).
 Helps to reduce stress.