Ancient Japanese Superfood: KONJAC

How to Enjoy

    - Boil and eat with sweet miso
    - Fry and season with sesame oil or teriyaki sauce
    - Try shirataki instead of pasta
    - Fry with yakiniku or other seasoned meats
     (select from our meat dept.)

Nutritions & Health Benefits
- Health Benefits:
 Extremely low-calorie.
- Glucomannan:
 May help lower cholesterol, improve intestinal health, prevent arteriosclerosis and related diseases,
   help to excrete excess sodium from the body and lower blood pressure.

- Dietary Fiber:
 Aids in cleansing intestinal tract and promoting healthy intestinal function and beautiful skin.
   Helps to detoxify.

- Ceramide:
 Inhibits moisture loss from hair and skin.
- Calcium:
 May help maintain female hormonal balance, prevent osteoporosis, breast cancer, menopausal
   associated with strengthening bones and teeth. Reduces stress.